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mattress reviewsI know you get it, sleep is important.  But do you know how important it is?  Do you really know how much of an impact a great night’s sleep can impact your day?  Your week?  Your energy levels?  Your lifespan?

Flash forward to the mattress.  You spend nearly a third of your life on this thing, but the fact of the matter is that you probably haven’t thought much about it.  You really should, just because this is your life.  What I did is research the best saatva mattress review and went from there.  I knew that I wanted to buy a Saatva luxury firm mattress online, but I didn’t know which one I should buy.  I went to the internet, searching for all the mattress reviews that I could to understand how I sleep and what exactly I should be looking for.

Turns out that comfort isn’t the only thing you should be thinking about, but also support as well.  This is absolutely essential for figuring out whether you’re going to invest in a pillow top as well.  Mattresses are not one size fits all either, so you shouldn’t just get a king because your bedroom can fit it.  You need to be able to understand your sleep cycles and how this impacts the type of mattress you should buy.

You should also find a company that really can help you better understand your own needs.  I think that SAATVA customer service is the best around, so I feel comfortable going through the process with them, even more comfortable than just going to a regular mattress store and trying it out.  Sure buying a mattress or other things like pillows is an experience, but if you are buying from someone you trust, it isn’t necessarily a requirement for you to actually sit on the mattress or rest your head on the pillow yourself.  Just look for a company with a good return policy.

Good luck!  And here’s one last Saatva mattress review to help with the decision making process.

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Beyonce weight lossI know what you’re all thinking, that there is no way that these cleanse discussions are accurate, they’re just a fad.  Friends, I am here to tell you that you are absolutely wrong.  There is a great deal of scientific support for the lemonade diet, both in terms of health benefits and weight loss efficacy.  And we have a great testimony from our very own beyonce’s weight loss.  So the real question is, why does it work, and can I trust the findings that you have seen?

First of all, check out this beauty Beyonce and see how good she looks.  Absolutely incredible.  And I know how it is for celebrities, it seems like this diet and cleanse stuff works for them, but not for the common person; that is simply not true!  The lemonade diet has worked for many people.  All you need to do is follow the directions and recipe precisely, and you will be able to make it work for you.

What else to know about the lemonade diet, otherwise known as the master cleanse?  Well, this cleanse is just very easy to implement.  Just make the drink and drink it.  You can do it for as long as 10 days, or as short as 3 days to see impact.  Some people even do the cleanse several times throughout the year to see great results.  Beyonce did it for Dream Girls, so you should be able to do it at will.  If you do this detox for longer that 10 days, you might just detox yourself silly and see some adverse side effects.  I do not recommend this path for anyone.  Just make the lemon juice recipe as described.

Finally, decide what you would like to eat to ween yourself off the cleanse.  Don’t just go eat a cheeseburger the day after the cleanse, your body will not welcome it.  Your colon might literally explode.  Start with more fluids, light foods like salads and other vegetables, and work, your way back to your full diet after a few days.


Other thing you can do is do the cleanse with a friend; it’s easier not to fall off the bandwagon if you have some support from a friend.  Do what you can to find a friend that is interested in the cleanse that you can communicate with easily during the course of the cleanse.  If you hit a rough patch in the middle, call this friend for support, and find support in return.  Good luck on your journey, you’re going to feel great!